Corporate social responsibility


The idea of social initiative Responsibility While Being Sick was born in 2016 when research revealed problems in attitude of employers and employees towards Cold&Flu. According to the research, 75 % of employees having cold or flu used to work despite their illness. By doing this they increase the risk of cold or flu complications, prolongation of the illness and experience higher expenses of treatment.

The aim of the initiative is to inspire people to behave smartly when being ill. One shall stop and have a time to recover once felt the first symptoms of cold or flu with no fear of negative attitude of their employer and colleagues. One shall understand that late treatment increase risk of harming not only his or her but also others heath.

The researched conducted after 1 year since initiative‘s start confirmed that the problems still persist. However, there have been positive changes already: 43% of the respondents aware of the Initiative said it had changed their attitude  and inspired to take more care of their and relatives health. The percentage of those going to work while being decreased from 75 % to 71 %.


Health – the main interest of USP Baltics – is closely related  to physical activeness. Therefore, sponsorship of running events is one of our social responsibility elements.  Since 2015 we support running professionals and lovers by being sponsor of running events and implementing various activities there.